S04/ E02 Land of the Pharoahs

When someone says they are “as old as dirt”, they are referring to the characters in this film. Even eons ago architects thought they were great and had all the answers. This is a time when architects didn’t wear pretentious beady glasses. Instead they named themselves Vashtar and faked their way through a project. On second thought, things haven’t changed. The problem is when a Pharaoh has fallen for a cold hearted vixen it screws up his plan for greatness and a life of swimming in his riches like Scrooge McDuck. You’ve heard the story a thousand times; well now you can see it from a thousand years ago.

We give you Land of the Pharaohs!

starchitect: Matthew Poncelow

S03/ E05 Jungle Fever

And we’re off to the races! In this episode we dive deep into the shallow world that is Spike Lee and the outdated film that had so much talent on camera but so little behind it.

Grab some cheap Chinese take-out, go to your office, and bang on a drafting table because tonight is the night! Minus the Dura Flame log. Sam Jackson gives a performance that can only be called the major influence in Dave Chapelle’s famous crack-head character, and Tim Robbins tries so hard to make something out of nothing.

You get Jungle Fever, she gets Jungle Fever, he gets Jungle Fever, we get Jungle Fever. Everybody gets Jungle Fever! You win! And oh yeah…..Charlie Murphy! Charlie Murphy! Charlie Murphy!

Let’s get it on!

starchitect: Aly Pierce