Roberta Pennington

From: Mansfield, OH

Industry Focus: Commercial Interior Design

Years Experience: 19

Favorite Movie: “Road House”

Why is s/he a “startchitect?”

"...I created this show so I figure I can call myself whatever I want. And “starchitect” hasn’t been trademarked by the AIA…. yet."


Vince Galea

From: San Francisco, CA

Industry Focus: Commercial Interior Design

Years Experience: 21

Favorite Movie: "The Train"

Why is s/he a “startchitect?”

"...there are few people in this world that can integrate technical expertise, code prowess, and pure f***ing design magic equally, every day. This is the man who can."


Jeff Wolinski

From: Chicago, IL

Industry Focus: Film Production/ Architecture Project Administration

Years Experience: 17

Favorite Movie: "Die Hard"

Why is s/he a “startchitect?”

"...a sharp sense of humor makes Jeff the perfect compliment to the infinite ramblings of design talk with the rest of the “starchitects” team. He also does a killer impersonation of his grandfather that makes me laugh so hard, a little pee comes out. I’ve never met Rich, but i feel like i know him. Tally ho!"