S04/ E04 The Architect

When you are in a lonely relationship and all that matters to you is money and how you look to other people then the next logical step is to build your dream house so you can keep up with your “friends”…if this is you then you are the main characters of The Architect.

This vapid couple then teams up with a pretentious architect who feels he can build them a house they want but never asked for.

Jesus Christ everyone in this movie is pathetic BUT oddly enough, you find a level headed construction manager and another architect that would have completed this dream house on time and under budget. They use the level head construction manager but even he gets consumed by the tidal wave that is a hopeless architect and insipid couple.

We watched the Architect!

S04/ E01 Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Legendary movie star Cary Grant wants the perfect house in the country so he can get away from the crazy city life with his family. Before he knows it, Grant and his wife become amateur architects and interior designers and soon get in way over their heads and this city family can’t stop the train called his Dream House. Although Cary Grant lived with his “roommate” Randolph Scott for over a decade as “confirmed bachelors” we see the family man Grant in his prime.

In this precursor to The Money Pit meets Funny Farm, we give you a long movie title like Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.

S03/ E01 A Master Builder

After a long and well deserved break—Roberta, Jeff and Vince are back for season 3 of starchitects: the podcast!

No better way to open up a new season than with a pretentious look at how a self-important and self-absorbed architect (played by sex machine Wallace Shawn) can whisk little girls off to a magical kingdom and drive their loved ones insane while convincing their protégés they are worthless without them.

It’s truly inconceivable that this passion project of Wallace Shawn was captured on a digital chip and helmed by Jonathan Demme who seemed to forget he once made films like Silence of the Lambs, Married to the Mob and Something Wild. All we have to say is…..Ragnar!