S03/ E04 Sleepless in Seattle

A dead wife forces an architect to move across the country and live on a houseboat where he is stalked by a crazy lady who likes to peel apples with a switchblade.

This is not a pitch for a horror movie but the basic idea of the romantic comedy starring, America’s sweetheart, Tom Hanks and, Dennis Quaid’s ex-wife, Meg Ryan. If you have a hard time wrapping your head around this or you are already bored to death with the vanilla idea of Hanks and Ryan, then just watch an Affair to Remember. That’s exactly what Nora Ephron did and renamed it Sleepless in Seattle.

This is a moment in time just before Hanks won two Oscars, Ryan hooked up with Russell Crowe, no internet and you could walk up to an airplane gate without going through security. There is nothing else to say about this movie except it was made in 1993 and we watched it.

Thanks for nothing America!

starchitect: Francis Dardis